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  • Hi Neal,
    I am really struggling to use the NCS. All I want to achieve is to use the NCS to recognize one type of object, Tome sent a couple of links but what I really need is an end to end example that works without error. I wanted to use mobilenet originally but at this point, I no longer care, I just want to get anything functioning. I have managed to train models succesfully using both Caffe and Tensorflow, and I have been able to use prebuilt models on the NCS but what I am unable to do is to succesfully train , and use any of the trained models as there is always an error. I am looking for a really simple to follow , step by step guide on how to do the whole process from end to end. Tome doesn't have anything , do you ? or do you know anyone that can help?

    July 2018
  • Hi Neal,

    I found your email into the NCS SDK code.

    We are designing a high availability Deep learning server and we can evaluate the Myriad2 chip to do it.

    We have bought some NCS sticks but the SDK programming options that they have are only for image recognition.

    We need a more low level access to SHAVE and RISC processors.

    ¿Where we can find the website to get the complete MDK and manuals? (Buying them or under NDA).

    I sent many times an email to and nobody answer me.

    ¿Can you help me please?

    My personal email is if you can contact me privately.

    Thank you in advance

    Rafael Lara
    M&O, S.L. CEO

    April 2018
  • Hello Neal,

    I saw one comment of you about purchasing the MDK and that we can contact you privately by a message here. I have send a contact email from the movidius website asking about it 2 weeks ago but I have not received any reply yet. My institute is interested in working with it,

    we already purchased several Movidius NCS to work on. but more access to the kit would be much better.

    Maen Mallah
    Fraunhofer IIS
    Erlangen, Germany.

    April 2018
  • Hi Neal.
    How I can find and setup to me
    • Integrated toolchain for SHAVE processors and
    • Vector optimizing compiler for SHAVE processors
    supports C/C++ with extensive intrinsic support
    • Assembler and Assembly optimizer
    • GCC toolchain for RISC CPUs
    • Standard ELF/DWARF Linker
    • Myriad 2 Full Chip Simulator, bit-accurate and cycleaccurate
    • Myriad 2 debugger supporting SHAVE and CPU cores,
    with TCL command line
    • Function Trace Profiler, Sampling Profiler, and System
    Trace Profiler
    • Movidius Eclipse IDE supports full compile-profile-debug
    flow with application Graph Designer framework and
    integrated memory visualizer and image comparer
    Regards Evgeny
    July 2017