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NCSDK support NCS 2?


We have been using the original NCS with NCSDK on our embedded ARM platform, which has been running well. Unfortunately, NCSDK does not support the brand new NCS 2, and OpenVINO does not run on ARM. Question is, what is Intel's road map? Will Intel add NCS 2 support in NCSDK? Will OpenVINO be ported to ARM platform? It would be really helpful if Intel could give us a direction and time frames so we can start developing our solutions based on NCS 2.


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  • @Tome_at_Intel Thank you for responding. I still have a couple of questions, hoping you can help clarify:
    1. Has NCSDK been deprecated and will not be maintained going forward?
    2. When can we expect OpenVINO to support ARM platform? I'm just looking for a rough estimate so we can map this into our project plan.

  • @Tome_at_Intel

    Let's keep this super clear as your last answer really does not answer the question at all. Will you be able to use the NCS2 on ARM processors or not?

    Will OpenVINO be supported on ARM processors?

  • Having tried with NCS 1's tutorials with 3 different computers and an RPI for the last 24 hours, and finally opened this thread.
    SDK is not compatible with NSC 2
    Time for rest now

  • @Tome_at_Intel One last question: Is NCSDK deprecated or can we expect to see at least NCS 2 support added while Intel ponders over OpenVINO Raspberry Pi?

  • @Tome_at_Intel where is the open source code ? we want to use NCS2 on our own device

  • Can we subscribe to a link to get updates on Pi support status for NCS2?

  • This is a great question and I was wondering the same thing. I was targeting a raspberry pi for an embedded platform and I would love to use the Myriad X. The last time I tried OpenVino it worked just fine on my laptop, but the NCSDK stopped working - I would hate to have to start over on my development platform if the X will be supported in a future NCSDK release.

  • I'm wondering exactly the same thing. I bought the NCS2 and received it today. I immediately tried it with the latest NCSDK only to find out it wasn't supported (after reading the announcement from yesterday). @Tome_at_Intel: Can you perhaps shed some light on either of these two paths? I'm happy to keep using the NCSDK way as it has proven a very straightforward and effective way to get things up and running.

  • Same here. I need to make a decent sized purchase of Movidius sticks very soon but without NCSDK support the second generation is useless to my project.

  • Intel's handling of this hardware and SDK is pretty embarrassing. I can't honestly believe they would sell a product with such lack of information

  • @smineyes @lbcastro @kajoh @stephenwberry @jasaw Hey guys I understand the confusion and I'd like to clear a few things up.

    OpenVINO is compatible with both the NCS1 AND NCS2 while the NCSDK is only compatible with the NCS1. OpenVINO will be at the forefront of IntelAI solutions and works with many Intel hardware including Intel CPUs, GPUs, FPGA and the Intel Neural Compute Stick.

    Some of the workflow in OpenVINO is still the same as NCSDK:
    1. Compile your model into a binary Intermediate Represenation (IR) format using FP16 data type (using the Model Optimizer instead of the mvNCCompile tool)
    2. Once you have your binary IR file, you can use it in your Python or C++ application using the Inference Engine API which is equivalent to the NCSDK MVNC API.

    More information can be found at and questions on OpenVINO and NCS2 can be posted on the OpenVINO forums which is located at:

  • @Tome_at_Intel is the Github NCSDK going to be maintained going forward? Already nobody is monitoring the pull requests. :<

  • @jasaw @jmalcolm @smineyes

    On this post it reads:
    The Intel® Distribution of the OpenVINO toolkit does not currently support Raspberry Pi but the team understands that RPi support is in high demand and this feature request has been prioritized accordingly.

    Also, even though it is not clearly stated, it seems NCSDK is being deprecated in favor of OpenVINO.

  • In the link I provided above and as others have mentioned, there is currently no Raspberry Pi support for OpenVINO and there isn't a release date for the OpenVINO Raspberry Pi feature that I can share at the moment.

    We do realize that OpenVINO RPi support is a feature that is very important to our users and appreciate your patience and understanding.

  • mkl
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    I just bought the NCS2 to do CV on RPi3 which sits on a robot and now i read this. Yes I didn't do my homework well enough but it's still a great disappointment to discover that NCSDK2 doesn't work with NCS2.
    Sorry i but i don't see any better application for this stick other than some mobile device. And mobile means you need some ARM board, not a big (even mini form factor) PC. So please add ARM support !

  • So are there any updates here? Are there say workarounds to pipe data from the RPi to the NCS2?

  • Do you want to swap your NCS2 for a NCS stick? I have 2 NCS sticks and looking to go entirely to NCS 2

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    disappointment to discover that NCSDK2 doesn't work with NCS2.

  • But the NCS2 does work with OpenVino where everything is moving to.

  • The NCSDK2 came before the NCS2 and addressed handling of multiple sticks I think? I am not totally sure.
    I just changed and used the latest. It was not a huge move

  • @Tome_at_Intel

    Any good news about the ARM support?

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    I still get this error environment is windows 7 (host), Ubuntu 16.04(VM OS), Intel Neural Stick 2 i am using.

    If i run any of below, i get error NC_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND.
    cd ~/intel/computer_vision_sdk/deployment_tools/model_optimizer/install_prerequisites/

    cd ~/intel/computer_vision_sdk/deployment_tools/demo
    ./ -d MYRIAD

    Error i get is
    E: [ncAPI] [ 402328] ncDeviceOpen:870 failed to find device

    [ ERROR ] Can not init USB device: NC_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND
    Error on or near line 154; exiting with status 1

    My VM also detects stick and i did all setting for VM as well. But it throws error.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • @Veeru

    VirualBox 6.0.0
    It is unstable unless you use the USB 3.1 port.

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