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Raspberry Pi Installation Fails on Line 554

Getting the following error when I "make install " on NCSDK 1.12 and a Raspberry Pi 0 W with Stretch-lite Debian 9.4 running on ARMv6-compatible processor.

I'm trying to build the security-cam with an octocam kit as described in Ashwin's recent webinar.

"cp: cannot stat '/opt/movidius/NCSDK/ncsdk-armv6l/tk': No such file or directory
Installation failed. Error on line 554"

Also got some connection fails that may be contributing- (lots more missing, same service, didn't paste all of them.

E: Failed to fetch 503 Service Unavailable [IP: 80]

I reflashed the ssd 2 times and got the same error.




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  • @rfranks263, I am guessing you are following the instructions on to install NCSDK API framework (not the full installation) on your Pi Zero. I recommend this method of installation due to the Pi Zero's CPU and memory resource constraints. If you are still getting the cp: cannot stat '/opt/movidius/NCSDK/ncsdk-armv6l/tk' error, try manually creating an empty /opt/movidius/NCSDK/ncsdk-armv6l folder, and then run sudo make install.

  • I'll give it a shot, thanks Ashwin.

  • Almost got it working! I'm able to make it work if I comment out lines 136 and 137 in , I just don't see a live image on my monitor. This is the error I get
    "pi@raspberrypi3:~/workspace/ncappzoo/apps/security-cam $ python3
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 213, in
    File "", line 159, in main
    infer_image( graph, img, frame.array )
    File "", line 137, in infer_image
    AttributeError: 'numpy.ndarray' object has no attribute 'show'"

    Images are captured, with bounding boxes and text scrolls on the screen, so the issue is isolated to the display.

    I'm using a Pi3, Raspbian stretch with an attached arducam camera. I compiled the graph file on Ubuntu 16.04 on a VirtualBox on MacOs

    Any Ideas?

  • @rfranks263

    $ python3
    >>> import PIL
  • Thanks Pinto, it didn't fix my issue. I'm not sure why.

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