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  • Hi @znmeb, we are definitely planning to participate in some meet up groups in the near future. We don't have any firm dates for events at this time though. We welcome any suggestions you might have for existing machine learning focused groups that we might want to set something up with. Let me know either via direct message or a comment on here if you have any suggestions.

    In any event, we'll be posting event dates and times when we have definite plans.


  • Hi I'm Dave from London. I ordered the NCS a couple of days ago and am just getting setup in the meantime. I'm a deep learning newbie but have been programming for decades. So far I've mostly used Tensorflow so it was a little disappointing to see that support appears to have been dropped (I understand the original Movidius hardware did support Tensorflow). I'll just have to get up to speed with Caffe...

  • Hello, I'm Yusuke from Tokyo. I ordered the NCS on 21st July. I'm already using caffe and deeplearning4j to analyze patent sentences by natural language processing. However I read some articles that introduce NCS VPU as effective for CNN. I'm wondering my model to changing from RNN.

  • Hi,

    This is Nitikesh, I am working as a software developer at Here Technologies.I am Interested in Movidius Neural compute stick. Waiting for my order from mouser.

  • Hey,

    I originally heard about Movidius well over a year ago. About the time when the Phantom 4 drone first came out, but I wasn't able to get anyone at Movidius to get back to me. It wasn't a huge volume application so I figured they were busy with major volume customers.

    So I went down the NVidia Digits/Jetson TK1/TX1/TX2 route which was fun, but was never exactly what I wanted for our immediate application. I simply needed a way to offload objection detection/classification tasks from a quad-core ATOM processor to something more optimized for it.

    The good news is a I have various Caffe Models I want to test on the Neural Compute stick. The NVidia tools worked well to train/validate the models.

    The bad news is Movidius doesn't support Windows yet, and our application is a Windows 10 Iot Enterprise application. All the Linux/ARM stuff is a natural fit for the NVidia TK1/TX1/TX2, but the low power Windows Embedded stuff is what needs something. Something other than a 30W NVidia GPU. Sure the ATOM x86 processor can do it, but it seems to take awhile.

  • @LEKHANHVAN_VALERY welcome to the Movidus developer community! Please visit and to learn more about SDK usability. The NCS is an inference device with an easy to use SDK, so as long as you have pre trained CNNs (or know how to build your own), and know Python scripting or C/C++ programming it's fairly easy to work on the NCS.


  • Hi
    I'm Mats Önnerby from Sweden. I'm interested in building robots. I'm currently working on the InMoov robot I'm using MyRobotLab to give life to my robot. We are currently working on adding more "brain power". At the same time, the goal is that people should be able to build their own robots using low cost components. So in my version I use a few Raspberry PI3 computers. Adding a Modivius Compute stick may be a way to get access to some advanced deep learning. However I'm very new to Deep learning, and need to start by learning how to create and train networks using Caffe. I ordered a compute stick, but will not arrive until end of November. So in the mean time, I will try to educate myself in this area and get the SDK installed.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this and I just received my neuro stick in the mail. I hope to learn from everyone here :)


  • @Wister welcome onboard! Look forward to seeing some cool 'AI at the edge' projects from you.

  • @Mats the InMoov project is very inspiring, thank you for contributing your versions to the inMoov community. I myself have printed, and put together the hands.

    I look forward to seeing an NCS powered intelligent inMoov!

  • Hi All,
    This is Geunsik Lim from South Korea. I started studying tuning and profiling with Movidius on Ubuntu 16.04 after receiving the device 6 days ago. I expect that your company support Caffe2 and Tensorflow as well as Caffe.

  • Hi All,

    I have been interested in Neural Networks for more than 10 years. This product is very interesting to me as I believe that Moores Law for ASIC processing power and Neural Nets have converged and reached a point of critical mass. I am interested in applying the Movidus to the financial modeling of Crytpo Currencies and Blockchain Analysis. I ordered my stick, but it looks like they are backlogged by 18 weeks. I will wait patiently to receive my product.

  • Hi,
    I am yunlong and I am a Phd student in Aalborg University, Denmark. I will use Myriad 2 do some researches about machine vision and deep learning.

  • Hi ,
    I 've just get my compute stick and I got a problem when installing the MvNC Toolkit. Here is the Error Description:
    ** Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
    See also "/opt/movidius/caffe/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".
    See also "/opt/movidius/caffe/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log".
    Installation failed. Error on line 128**
    Looking forward for the reason of this mistake and a solution

  • @Snow Hi Snow. I’m glad you were able to get a Neural Compute Stick. In order to keep the forum organized and keep information easy to find, please post any issues you encounter in the general discussion forum. Thanks!

  • Hello all, just received my NCS today, but as life is busy, I'll only be able to take it out to play on the weekends...

    My primary interest in the device is with respect to natural language processing end exploring what I can do with the stick. My secondary interest is in machine vision, particularly with respect to drone-mounted cameras and the like...

    My interests are exclusively hobbyist, and I'm sure I'm a bit out of my league with this thing, but I do look forward to hobbies go, this is relatively cheap...Beats golf or buying a boat ;)

  • I'm Glenn, a researcher. I received the NCS y'day and it's up and tested. Very easy and straightforward install. Running the tests was easy enough. Off to study the process now. I hope more samples are forthcoming.

  • I just got my delivery from Mouser and I can't wait to install it. I've been fascinated by ANNs since the 90's. Now I have an excuse to force myself back into programming after nearly 20 years away as a sysadmin/dba. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Thanks for creating such an amazing new device.

  • Hello, I just received my NCS today from Mouser as well. I'm always exploring new technology and when I saw the stick, I had to get it. Looking forward to breaking open the SDK and getting my hands dirty.

  • Hey guys,

    This is Peter Ma, part of Intel Software Innovator, and I am building some cool stuff using the Movidius Stick



  • I'm a web developer but I've begun to study neural networks and deep learning using Python. I almost have my Movidius Neural Compute Stick working with Oracle VM VirtualBox running an Ubuntu 16.04.3 virtual machine. Right now I can't get python to import caffe. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheap laptop that is sure to work with this device? My approach to this technology is just to learn as much as I can with an eye to things I could use in my regular work.

  • Hi all !
    I'm a image recognition engineer. I am really interested in using this compute module with raspberry pi very easily.

  • Hi, I'm Daniel, the Data Janitor.

  • Hi,
    i'm working on a novel speech synthesiser I can strap to my chin. This is just the ticket. twiddles thumbs awaiting delivery

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