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Don't break releases!

Don't break releases! That is super important. Yesterday my engineers had to spend a couple of hours fixing bugs because we had checked out a specific release for the ncsdk (as per best practice). It was the most recent non-beta release when we wrote the code. It does not work anymore because you removed some file from AWS. That is absolutely not ok. Either you are building a product or a toy (your sales reps clearly told me NCS is meant to be a proper product with longer term support and all that stuff).
On top of that the only release that works is the 2.x release (which does not contain the 2.x code, only 2.x readmes, I think). If you release your SDK via Github, use Github the way it is meant to be used.

Sorry for voicing my frustration but my company is in the process on building a product that will use your hardware. We will be deploying 1000s of the NCS at retail stores all over Europe and I need reliable partners for my hardware stack.


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  • I'm sorry for your frustration. We changed our release paradigm to no longer use AWS, which caused the error you saw. The most recent releases, 1.12 on the master branch and 2.04 on the ncsdk2 branch, are both working (as far as we know). If you have any errors with these two releases please let us know.

    If there is a specific version that you would like to install, let us know and we'd be happy to get you a working build for it.

  • Hi @cs_cw,

    Just one more clarification, did you do git clone to get the release or did you download it from the releases section?


  • We are using 1.12 now, but I think we were at 1.07 before. We were git cloning and checked out the commit corresponding to the release to make sure our version is frozen and updates don't cause compatibility issues.
    It's all fine now, I was just a bit shocked ;-)

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