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Convert Tensorflow "retrained_graph.pb" and "retrained_labels.txt" to Movidius Graph

Hi @Tome_at_Intel ,

I followed this tutorial, to classify images based on my own dataset. However, I am not able to convert the ".pb" and labels to the graph file. I have not found the exact command to generate the graph file. Would you be so kind to help me with this issue?

Thank You


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  • @kranok I forgot that there is currently a bug with the current NCSDK (1.12). This bug is preventing some custom/retrained networks from running on the NC devices. That being said we are working on a release candidate at the moment that may fix this issue, but I don't have an ETA at the moment.

  • @kranok Yes I can. Can you post a link to your pb file?

  • @kranok You can use the command below to compile the graph file, however I am receiving an Index out of range error. It looks like maybe this could be because the code uses a None in the shape size and is trying to check the shape in line 251 (/opt/movidius/NCSDK/ncsdk-x86_64/tk/Controllers/ You can see the TensorFlow for Poets code is using a None for the input shape: Can you try changing the None to a constant like 1?

    Command to compile the network: mvNCCompile -s 12 retrained_graph.pb -in DecodeJpeg/contents -on final_result

  • Hi @Tome_at_Intel ,

    The training could not be done by changing the "None" to "1". It marked an error. Does the bug occur when trying the "mvNCCompile..." command?

    I tried inputting this command: "$ mvNCCompile retrained_graph.pb -in=input/BottleneckInputPlaceholder -on=DecodeJpeg". It does generate the graph file but the classification is not done correctly.

    Thank You,

  • @kranok Thanks for the feedback. Can you do me a favor and try this: mvNCCompile retrained_graph.pb -in=input/BottleneckInputPlaceholder -on= final_result?

  • @Tome_at_Intel - ran mvNCCompile retrained_graph.pb -in=input_1/BottleneckInputPlaceholder -on= final_result -o flowergraph using the poets-2 retrained_graph.pb and got the flowergraph generated. Tried using this graph in the as follows: python -g graphs/flowergraph -d 1
    This does not error but there are no bounding boxes or labels. Works fine when I use the mobilenetgraph. Any idea? Appreciate your help. This is run on a RPi with a movidius NCS plugged in.

  • @manopaul I'm not familiar with the sample. Is this your own sample? If you can provide a link to the code, I can try to reproduce the issue and help with troubleshooting.

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