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Custom single object detector from scratch for Movidius

Hello dear community,

I have been working with Tensorflow, Caffe and Darknet in order to create a custom object detector which can run in the Movidius NCS.
So far, I have been unable to do it following different tutorials, export tools, etc.

Do you have any complete guide to achieve this?
My requirement is a very high precision on the single class detector. For example, with a tensorflow Faster R-CNN network, I was able to detect an object above 20 meters with a 96% of confidence, which is a very good scenario

I would appreciate your guidance here

Thanks in advance


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  • Dear colleagues I've searched a lot and found some pieces of info e.g. for cats and dogs image classification, but I've never seen a step by step for a custom object detection from training to fine tuning, as requested by the colleague above.
    @Tome_at_Intel, don't let us down!

  • @AshwinVijayakumar may I ask for your support? This would help a lot of people to get used to Movidius.
    Anybodyelse's help is welcome.
    Thanks in advance!

  • @AshwinVijayakumar Thanks for the attention!
    Before my request I've found one of your articles:
    It was very useful, but I understand it is a image classification which differentiates dogs and cats. Unfortunately this was not enough to allow me taking off with the object detection, considering my modest knowledge about the subject.
    So thanks for your guidance so far, I'm looking forward for your new article.

  • @fpartika, I am looking into this as time permits, but I am not sure when I'll be able to publish it as a blog.

  • Hi @AshwinVijayakumar,
    I hope this finds you well, looking forward for your valuable guidance!
    Thanks in advance

  • Dear colleagues,

    Does anybody could recommend a step by step for the custom object detector?
    I've found this link but it only Works with pre-trainned model, I imagine some steps are missed:
    1st How to create a dataset of a custom object as well tag this dataset
    2nd How to train it generating the model and then the Graph
    3rd How to translate this Graph to the Movidius format

    Maybe this sounds a quite simple for the majority here, but it would help a lot the beginners (as me). I believe sharing knowledge is the main reason for this forum existance, right?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello everyone!
    wondering if there is a step by step for the custom object detector to run on movidius?

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