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  • Hello NCS Forum,

    I'm a software engineer on the Intel Movidius team and I'll be dropping by and replying to forum posts from time to time. Also, Feel free to send me a direct message on the forum with any questions or comments you might have.


  • Hello All!

    I'm Alexander, intelligent surveillance cameras developer. I'd like to try "The Myriad 2 reference board". Where can I buy it? Your USB stick looks interesting, but reference board with sensor connection and comprehensive set of interfaces will be preferrable for me. Sorry for offtopic, but I can't find any information about how to buy reference board.

  • Hi All!

    I just ordered my NCS and I'm waiting for it to be delivered. I'm an amateur to computer vision and I'm very excited to play around with the NCS. I'll be working on projects that focus on increasing efficiency in agriculture.


  • Like a lot of people I'm waiting for the new toy. And the only question I'd have at this early, clueless, stage is why not Tenserflow? That appears to be the framework which has the most attention and by all accounts is more diverse and easier to use. So I wonder is there any roadmap which has Tenserflow on it?

  • Hi !

    I have just discovered an interesting article about Movidius stick and Raspberry Pi... I am happy to be registered & here 25min. later :)

    I am 43 years old, with skills in high technology and international background.

    I decided to share my 20's years experience and technical knowledges by teaching in Electronics, Power Electronics, Science Computing, Mechatronics, Digital Signal Processing at the AEE Labs of ENSAM, Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Arts et Metiers in France.

    I am focus oriented in IA, Neural networks, Image processing and Big Data.

    When I discovered Movidius product, I felt that this component is a key value in what I am looking for image processing with Raspberry Pi platform. After acquiring experience, I hope to prepare new technical courses, student's projects and training for my classes.

    I have not ordered my Movidius stick yet. I am in the process to understand how is the SDK usability and prerequisite for being able to handle this kind of application.

    I am glad to have joined your community.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hello Everyone, I am working as a optical manager about robot vision!I am strongly interested in Miriad 2 Development Kits and Movidius Neural compute stick.
    But I don't know how to buy? Could you give me some suggest? @everyone. Thank you very much.
    my mail :

  • Hi, received the NCS today from Mouser after just a short delay, only AU$108.
    Software setup and network compile completed without issue on Debian Buster.
    Lots of fun and games to come no doubt. :)

  • Hi All!

    I'm a long time software developer and now starting on facial recognition using the Movidius NC stick. The target is for low cost systems. I'm first trying it out using a Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian (Debian) Jessie.

  • No question. Just saying hi. Fascinated to go play with the SDK.

    Last time I played with this tech was 20 years ago, trying to build up inference network recognizing a "Bach chorale" from its rules.

    Interested (2017) in rule in monitoring compliance with national gambling rules (how to detect and deter certain additive behaviors).

    Startup company ... Mostly focused on gaming.

  • Interested in using Deep Learning ANN's for classifying psychophysical signals Heart Rate Variation (HRV) Skin Conductivity and Facial Expressions for obtaining reactions to entertainment content Video and Web. I wanted to know whether the ASIC accelerator works for classifying non-visual signals? and how the acceleration compares with GPU's I have a GTX 1080? Can the USB stick accelerate any Neural Net that is written in Caffe or only a specific type of CNN? This is for a joint Academic UPENN/CMU and Entrepeneurial Venture. Is there any possibility of obtaining a sample of the USB stick for experimentation?
    On my host workstation if I have NVIDIA CUDA installed can its accelleration be combined with your "stick"?

  • Hi,

    This is exciting, I have been working with tensor and it consumes too much resources to train. I am looking forward to receiving my sticks and testing.


  • Hi,

    My name's Simon Thorpe. I've been working in Neural Computing for decades... (yes!).

    I'm really very intrigued by this new hardware that looks very exciting. I've got two of the Movidus Sticks on order to try them out.

    I'm particularly interested in knowing to what extent the hardware can be used for doing other types of computations - beyond the standard deep learning stuff.

    Any further specific details about what the hardware is capable of doing would be most appreciated.

  • Hi,
    we are interested in adding Movidius support to POWER-Ki programming language and thus to PowerBerry (the porting of PWK on Win10Iot).
    Let me know.

  • Hi, I'm excited for this product. I am working in AR\VR technology and i waiting for something like this


  • @laefsky, hi and thanks for your comment. Let me try to answer your questions... The NCS accelerates any Caffe network within the supported layers/features mentioned in the release notes which you can checkout here: We don't have comparison data for you at this time with regard to the GTX 1080. The SDK provided for the NCS does not make use of any other hardware such as NVIDIA/CUDA it is designed to optimize networks specifically for the NCS.
    Hope that helps.


  • Hi @simonjthorpe. The SDK provided along with the NCS is focused on accelerating CNNs at this time so we can't offer any support on any other usages for the hardware, although feel free to try :-)

  • Hi @XPLAB-CAP, I'm not familiar with PowerBerry / POWER-KI but the NC SDK software provided with the NCS currently supports Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop (x86.) There may be other supported systems in the future.

  • Hi @neal what about win10Iot ?

  • Does the NCS support newest Caffe2 framework as well as Caffe2Go?

  • @XPLAB-CAP Unfortunately Win10Iot is not currently a supported platform for the NC SDK.

  • @abu, Caffe2 and Caffe2Go aren't currently supported by the NC SDK however they may be at some point in the future.

  • I just ordered an NCS - supposedly shipping in a week. Meanwhile, I'm installing as much software as I can. I'm on Arch Linux, not Ubuntu 16.04. It's a newer kernel, etc., but binaries should work. If not I can always deploy a stock Ubuntu virtual machine to run all the cross-development tools.

    Applications? FWIW I'm going to try to learn programming it at a low level rather than do image processing with the libraries. I did LIW (Floating Point Systems) programming for ten years, so it's not like the concepts are totally foreign to me.

    Is there an emulator? I've got "caffe2" installed and can get "caffe", but I really want to get down to bare metal on this gizmo if I can.

  • Another question - is there a GitHub repo / community for the NCS?

  • Hi all
    No question. Just saying hi. waiting my NCS。

  • Hello to all folks, a quick question it works with Python 3, so can we work in Jupyter notebook ? Thank peace @IoTeacher

  • @rsolis, yes you can write applications in python3. If you are @ CVPR, come stop by Intel booth to see some demo applications built in python 3.

  • @znmeb, the MvNC SDK (SDK for NCS) currently isn't hosted on GitHub, but there might be a GitHub repo in the near future. Until then, please visit the download section for the latest MvNC SDK release -

  • Hi,
    I just order an NCS, and will try porting our applications on it!


  • Hi,

    I am starting with Movidius device understanding. Currently checking if it could be executed or ported to 32 bit system.


  • @neal (and any other Intel folk): I live a couple of miles from the Hillsboro, Oregon Intel campus. Are there any people there you know of that are working with the Movidius? If so, would they be open to supporting a Meetup group here?

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