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Raspian-Stretch Movidius NCSDK installation failure

I tried to implement a clean installation on raspian stretch in Rpi3 with a 32MB microSDcard.
Applied the usual to setup the latest stretch distro:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Used the Movidius documentation ( and raspian stretch tips) to effect the installation
The following error was returned:

Installation failed: Command 'sudo -H pip3 install –trusted-host
Cython graphviz scikit-image ' return code=1. Error on line 308' ./ will exit
Makefile:47: recipe for target 'install' failed

Any help to correct this error much appreciated


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  • That should of course be a 32GB microSDcard!

  • I just recently installed all of this on a Pi and now I wish I wrote it down.
    I mistakenly installed version 1 of the NCSDK and version 2 of the NCAppZoo
    that did not go well. They need to both be version 2.
    That all being said..
    I do not recall executing this line sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and everything worked out ok.
    I did execute a sudo apt-get update

  • Oh and to install the NCSDK version 2 I used
    git clone -b ncsdk2

  • Hi
    I took heed of your comment and looked up the 'update' and 'upgrade' mechanisms on stackoverflow.

    I think the following is a correct synopsis:

    'sudo apt-get update' has the effect of loading newer package lists whereas 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' installs the newer package components but does not update to a newer system release. This means 'sudo apt-get update' must always be run before 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' .

    I think in your case you may have installed against a raspian distro that was not updated to the newest available. In my case I used 2018-04-raspbian-stretch.img and applied the update and upgrade commands.
    Your installation worked.
    My installation failed.

    I looked into the state of my failed installation and found pip3 was not available ( I think used by python3 needed for the NCSDK installation ) so I applied the following (following on from PINTO's March7 suggestion):
    sudo python3
    sudo reboot
    sudo python2
    sudo reboot

    2) Inspection of the Installation error text appeared to imply a problem with Cython. I found that Cython was not installed in the raw distro so I applied:
    sudo pip3 install Cython
    I think precompiled components are supposed to be loaded if Cython is not present. Perhaps this was the point of failure.

    I applied the clone,make,install command again this time it reported 'Installation is complete'

    The Rpi distro installed is reported from 'uname -a' as:
    Linux raspberrypi 4.14.34-v7+ #110 SMP Mon Apr 16:15 BST 2018 armv71 GNU/Linux

    I elected to make the examples with OpenCV installed. So far this has reached 60% on the installation, takes many 10s of minutes!

    In summary:
    I have tentatively cleared the initial problem by installing pip3 and Cython but I am not clear where the underlying problem lays. Problem in raspian distro or the NCSDK installation? I would appreciate any clarification.

  • @jslawton Glad you were able to solve your initial issue by manually installing the dependencies. The OpenCV installation can take a while to build (~4-5 hours or so to build).

  • It took about two days to samples running. I installed Spyder 3 as well because you have break points in python that works sometimes at least and can help you find an issue quicker. Its still not 100% but at least I have some running examples.

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