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Operations not found


I want to run a custom model implemented in Tensorflow on Cifar 10 dataset. However when I run this command : mvNCCompile -s 8 'frozen_graph.pb' -in 'input' -on 'CifarNet/Predictions/Reshape_1' I have this error :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/bin/mvNCProfile", line 122, in <module>
    args = parse_args()
  File "/usr/local/bin/mvNCProfile", line 105, in profile_net
    net = parse_tensor(args, myriad_config, file_gen=True)
  File "/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Controllers/", line 520, in parse_tensor
  File "/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Models/", line 80, in attach
    print('parent : ',parent)
  File "/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Models/", line 698, in attach_several
AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'unprocessed_name'
Makefile:34: recipe for target 'profile' failed
make: [profile] Error 1 (ignored)

You can find the files here :
When digging into the code, I found that it was because somehow the operations ['CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add', 'CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_1', 'CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_2', 'CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_3'] were not found. However 'CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_4' is found. And these operations were found for the Normal_cell_0, I really don't know why.

Thank you !


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  • @AnnaBar I'm looking at this issue at the moment.

  • Hi @Tome_at_Intel ,
    Any update concerning this issue?

  • @AnnaBar I was able to reproduce your issue and I have a few questions. For add_1 and add_3 are you adding constants? We have a known issue with our add implementation only adding two tensors at the moment.

  • @Tome_at_Intel,
    No I'm not adding constants with the add_1 and add_3 operations. I am adding two tensors with shape ?x32x32x24.
    How should I modify my model to avoid this issue ?

  • @Annabar How did you find out that ['CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add', 'CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_1', 'CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_2', 'CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_3'] were not found?

    It seems like the network is crashing after parsing the operation and during creation of the layers for the graph file.

    It always crashes on this node: CifarNet/Normal_cell_0/Normal_cell_0_unused_concat/axis and during CifarNet/Reduction_cell_2/block_4_op2/identity/Conv2D for me. If I use the node right before that one CifarNet/Normal_cell_0/add_4, I get no issues.

    It seems those add operations that you listed come right before the conv2D layer that fails:

            686 ConcatV2 CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/Normal_cell_1_unused_concat
               IN: CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add:0
               IN: CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_1:0
               IN: CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_2:0
               IN: CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_3:0
               IN: CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/add_4:0
               IN: CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/Normal_cell_1_unused_concat/axis:0
               OUT: CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/Normal_cell_1_unused_concat:0
            687 Conv2D CifarNet/Reduction_cell_2/block_4_op2/identity/Conv2D
               IN: CifarNet/Normal_cell_1/Normal_cell_1_unused_concat:0
               IN: CifarNet/Reduction_cell_2/block_4_op2/identity/weights/read:0
               OUT: CifarNet/Reduction_cell_2/block_4_op2/identity/Conv2D:0
    [Dimension(1), 16, 16, Dimension(24)]
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/local/bin/mvNCCheck", line 199, in <module>
        quit_code = check_net(, args.image, args.inputnode, args.outputnode, args.nshaves, args.inputsize, args.weights, args)
      File "/usr/local/bin/mvNCCheck", line 166, in check_net
        load_ret = load_network(args, parser, myriad_config)
      File "/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Controllers/", line 82, in load_network
        parse_ret = parse_tensor(arguments, myriad_conf)
      File "/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Controllers/", line 452, in parse_tensor
      File "/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Models/", line 87, in attach
      File "/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Models/", line 911, in attach_several
    AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'unprocessed_name'
  • Hi @Tome_at_Intel,

    Actually, I am not sure that these operations are not found. I thought it was the problem because the link between these add operations and the Conv2D layer is missing.
    I don't really understand why this layer Conv2D is failing while the previous Conv2D are accepted.

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