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Can not install ncsdk2 in virtual machine with Ubuntu 18.04 as host.

I am trying to install ncsdk2 in an Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine with Ubuntu 18.04 as host. The Official guide do not mentions this as tested. Since I have no mentioned OSs installed in my machine, decided to try my luck. But, resulted in the following error.

        OpenCV uninstall starting
        [sudo] password for sreerag: 
        Reading installer configuration variables from ./ncsdk.conf
        OpenCV uninstall finished

    make install starting.
    Movidius Neural Compute Toolkit Installation
    Installer NCSDK version:

    Reading installer configuration variables from ./ncsdk.conf

    INSTALL_DIR - Main installation directory
    INSTALL_CAFFE - Flag to install TensorFlow
    CAFFE_FLAVOR - Specific 'flavor' of caffe to install
    CAFFE_USE_CUDA - Use CUDA enabled version of caffe
    INSTALL_TENSORFLOW - Flag to install TensorFlow
    INSTALL_TOOLKIT - Flag to install Neural Compute Toolkit
    PIP_SYSTEM_INSTALL - Globally install pip packages via sudo -H
    VERBOSE - Flag to enable more verbose installation
    USE_VIRTUALENV - Flag to enable python virtualenv
    MAKE_NJOBS - Number of processes to use for parallel build (i.e. make -j MAKE_NJOBS)


    Didn't find a valid NCSDK installation
    Searching and removing previous NCSDK installation from the system
    Searching and removing NCS python API...done
    Searching and removing udev rules...done
    Running ldconfig...done
    Updating udev rules...done
    Successfully uninstalled NCSDK from the system
    Downloading NCSDK-
    Installation failed: Command 'wget -q --no-cache -O NCSDK-' return code=4. Error on line 324 in ./  Will exit 
    Makefile:47: recipe for target 'install' failed
    make: *** [install] Error 131

Is this an hint that the installation won't work with this combination of host and guest or something else?


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  • Hi @sreerag_ibtl

    Good news! I was able to install the NCSDK on an Ubuntu 16.04 Virtual Machine (Guest) running on an Ubuntu 18.04 (Host).
    Looking at your error: Command 'wget -q --no-cache -O NCSDK-' return code=4., it appears to be a network issue with your VM. Could you check your network settings and make sure you can ping google or our download page?



  • Hi @sreerag_ibtl

    I have not tested this setup before. What software are you using to create the virtual machine? I could give it a try and let you know my results.
    Also, have you tried using docker? Take a look at the following link:


  • @Jesus_at_Intel I don't have any prior experience with docker. So let me ask, is it possible to install and run NCSDK in ubuntu 18.04 using a docker container.

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