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Where can I get the Myriad Development Kit (MDK)?

Movidius appears to have a much more complete development kit for the Myriad 2 chip - the Myriad Development Kit. Where can I get hold of this? Does it come with some other evaluation board? Can it be used for working witht the Neural Compute Stick?

For info, the Movidius_MDK_Product_Brief.pdf document lists the following impressive list.

• Integrated toolchain for SHAVE processors and RISC CPUs
• Vector optimizing compiler for SHAVE processors
supports C/C++ with extensive intrinsic support
• Assembler and Assembly optimizer
• GCC toolchain for RISC CPUs
• Standard ELF/DWARF Linker
• Myriad 2 Full Chip Simulator, bit-accurate and cycle- accurate
• Myriad 2 debugger supporting SHAVE and CPU cores,with TCL command line
• Function Trace Profiler, Sampling Profiler, and System
Trace Profiler
• Movidius Eclipse IDE supports full compile-profile-debug flow with application Graph Designer framework and integrated memory visualizer and image comparer

• Unified Multi-camera Framework and component control, adaptable to different sensors
• Flexible ISP pipelines and scalable architecture
• Robust auto-functions – exposure, white balance,
and focus
• Camera calibration and sensor tuning tools

• Over 300 Computer Vision Library kernels such as:
• Bitwise logical functions
• Boxfilters of various sizes
• Convolutions, convSeparable of different sizes
• AbsoluteDiff, Canny, AccumulateSquare/Weighted, and other functions
• CensusMatching
• CornerMinEigenVal
• Color conversions
• Dilate and Erodes of different sizes
• Gauss, Laplacian/sLaplacian
• HarrisResponse
• Histogram
• IntegralImage
• Maximum, maxPool, minKernel, minMax
• medianFilter of various sizes
• OpticalFlow PyrLK
• sumOfAbsDiff, sumOfSquaredDiff
• threshold filters
• whiteBalance functions
• Linear Algebra Library
• SGEMM matrix multiply
• Other BLIS functions
• ISP Library
• Mono & Bayer pipelines
• Lanczos & Bilinear scaling
• Warp, Purple Flare, Grey-desaturate, Mono-imbalance, Local Tone Map and many more hardware and software kernels


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