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Issue with NCS while running "make examples" or hello_ncs

I've recently acquired a NCS and have yet to manage finishing the setup:

  1. System specifications : Oracle VM VirtualBox - Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 ; fresh install, 3GB of RAM ( host: i5-4440@3,1GHz and 12GB of ram running Windows 10 )
  2. NCSDK version i believe it's 2.08 ( I've followed the github instructions for both the VM ( ) and the instalation ( ) )
  3. Python version Python 3.5.2

after running make install, everything seems to go OK

when running make examples, I can hear the "usb device disconnected" sound that windows plays, and then it crashes with error 7. after looking at a couple of pages on this forum, I've found a post that said that I should check if the usb can be seen by the VM
I've taken a couple of screenshots that can be found here:
general explanation of photos:
boot-up.png has the output of dmesg and lsusb in relation to the NCS ( we can see it )
dmesg.png has the output of dmesg after running make examples ( the device just disconnects )
hello_ncs.png has the output of lsusb before running hello_ncs and the formers output ( the output of dmesg is similar to the previous one )

Any help would be of great use and greatly appreciated.

If I need to provide more info, I am willing to do so.

Thank you kindly,


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  • Hello Laur. Have you found a solution? If so, please post. I had the same problem.

  • Hello azlefty,
    I haven’t tried anything since posting. My next try would include a prpper ubuntu install, but that won’t happen until next week, since I haven’t got the hw available.

    Best regards,

  • After doing a full install of Ubuntu, the examples were compiled without errors, and I was able to run a couple of them.
    Now, the fun begins!

    Best regards,

  • @laupetre I have the EXACT same problem. I hear my virtualbox disconnecting the USB when I run "make examples" or "python3". Any specific solutions?

  • I just posted a suggestion on another thread to try. Let me know if this helps!

    Did you setup the USB filters in the VirtualBox machine settings? I found that I also had to install the VirtualBox Extension Pack on Virtualbox. Once the extension pack was installed, I also loaded guest additions to the guest machine.

    1. Start the Guest Machine
    2. Devices -> Insert Guest Additions CD image...
    3. Follow the prompt instructions
    4. Reboot the Guest Machine


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