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NCSDK on github is going opensource - current software releases moved temporarily


Just a quick announcement:
The github repository will be temporarily down starting 8/8/2018 and will be revived soon under a less restrictive open source license.

In the meantime latest versions of the software can be downloaded at these links:

Documentation remains here throughout


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    As of October 09, 2018
    The repository is restored with no announcement.
    Moreover, api has been released.

    Apache-2.0 License

    It seems almost nothing has changed...

  • Hello @neal_at_intel, by advance excuse my english, I hope it will make sense..

    Can we get a full procedure with the new links ? I'm a total beginer on linux and it could help a lot to explain how to do everything step by step from start like before.
    Also do you know when the problem will be solved ? Are we talking days, weeks or months when you say "soon" ?

    Thank you !

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    Man, you really could have just updated the license in the repository instead of breaking every link out there and making me scratch my head as to why I couldn't git clone/pull this. It's a little strange, and I'm unsure what the goal of removing/privatizing the repository is.

    I thought something may have happened ala Intel Joule for a second there. I was worried. Thankfully that is not the case though.

    When it's put back online will it be the same repository? I assume that would be a no, since it was removed?

    [Big] props on the licensing, I'm just confused as to what making the repository private has to do with it?

  • I fu le u, I almost doubt I was something wrong with git......

  • you have to fix on WEB site this section

    1. Install NC SDK

    Run these commands on a terminal window

    bla...blahhh blahh....

    cd ncsdk-

    because next section you are writing and direct in this folder cd ~/workspace/ncsdk we have not ncsdk we have ncsdk- folder

  • Thanks for the update @neal_at_intel. Would it be possible to host the existing release documentation somewhere in the meantime? It seems I can no longer refer back to the github releases page to look at existing supported operations:

  • @Jay

    Thanks for pointing this out. The release documentation will remain here:

    I'll update the original post with this as well.

    @trevorj and everyone, I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Intel has a legal team involved with all licensing decisions and this action was the required by that team. The repository should be back up soon though.

  • ncappszoo doesn't work with ncsdk2:
    pi@raspberrypi:~/ncappzoo/apps/hello_ncs_py $ python3
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 14, in
    fx.SetGlobalOption(fx.GlobalOption.LOG_LEVEL, 0)
    AttributeError: module 'mvnc.mvncapi' has no attribute 'SetGlobalOption'

  • Hi @h.giot.

    Be sure you get the ncsdk2 branch of ncappzoo, then it should work. Clone with this command:
    git clone -b ncsdk2

  • Just to check i am getting it right, Will the whole project be open sourced so if some one wanted to add a feature or somehing it can be done or the same repo but with different licenses?

  • Hi, this repo has been temporarily down for over a month now - what's going on?

  • Hi @neal_at_intel,
    When will be the NCSDK be online again? I would also like to know when do you think there will be a release for YOLOv3 running on the NCS?
    Kind regards,
    Pedro Machado
    Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd.

  • We appreciate your patience while we are working on re-releasing the NCSDK on github. I don't have a release date for Yolov3 at the moment.

  • The NCSDK toolkit containing the three command-line tools mvNCCompile, mvNCProfile and mvNCCheck (plus tons of Python code like TensorFlowParser, CaffeParser etc.) is currently not part of the NCSDK, it's being fetched via wget during installation, together with a blob file containing the firmware. Will these be made available as open source, too?

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